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175 Years of Rowing Excellence
Happy 175th Birthday Wishes
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Drawing Date Win!
Week #1 03/08/2015 $200 Winner:  Linda Gemind of Pennsylvania
Sold by a Junior Rower
Week #2 03/15/2015 $400 Winner:  Tim Dinan
Sold by a Master Rower
Week #3 03/22/2015 $600 Winner:  Marian Blocker
Sold by a Junior Rower
Week #4 03/29/2015 $800 Winner: Ryan Kingsley
Sold by a Master Rower
Week #5 04/05/2015 $1000 Winner: Michelle Agosta
Sold by a Master Rower
Week #6 04/12/2015 $1200 Winner: Abby Eastman of Virginia
Sold by a Master Rower
Week #7 04/19/2015 $1400
Week #8 04/26/2015 $1600
Week #8 04/26/2015 Grand Prize $10,000 MINIMUM!

The Detroit Boat Club Crew was founded in 1839,
which makes us the oldest rowing club in North America.

We race within the Midwest Rowing Association, with over 80 schools and clubs, but have plenty of beginners and non-racing members too!    The mission of Friends of Detroit Rowing (our sponsor), is to educate and promote the sport of amateur rowing in the Detroit metropolitan community, provide competitive and recreational programs to men and women of all ages, and training opportunities for rowers competing on the national, international, and Olympic level.

Check out our programs and events, and if you enjoy rowing or
staying fit with friends,
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